Built Green Program Points

Earn "Built Green" Points with our Recyclying Facility & Products!

Built Green® is an environmentally-friendly, non-profit, residential building program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, developed in partnership with King County, Snohomish County, and other agencies in Washington state to set standards of excellence that can make a significant impact on housing, health and the environment.

The Built Green program is a voluntary program that requires builders or developers to follow a specific set of criteria to attain status as a "Built Green" home or community. Beyond these standards, builders can earn a rating based on a point system.

Here at Wolford Trucking, we can help bulders earn points toward their "Built Green Home Certification."  In fact, because our facility operates at over a 90% recycling rate, builders can earn MAXIMUM POINTS!


Generally  Points
Recyle here and/or buy our recycled products: 10
Use our recycled materials: 1-5
Send at least 85% of jobsite waste to our facility*:   20-24
Purchase our used or salvaged building materials: 5


Concrete/Asphalt/Masonry/Porcelain  Points
Recylce concrete, asphalt rubble, masonry or porcelain: 2
Use our recycled concrete or asphalt for base or fill: 2
Build a construction entrance with our recycled concrete: 1
Use our recycled concrete for paving: 4


Wood  Points
Recycle wood scraps, lumber, pallets, stumps, land clearing debris: 5
Use our wood chips to stabilize distrubed slopes on your project: 1
Use our mulch for your landscape beds: 2


Metal  Points
Recycle metal scraps, wire, piping, re-bar, etc here: 2


Containers  Points
Use our portable containers: 1


*At this time, we accept concrete, asphalt rubble, porcelain, ceramic, masonry, metal, wood pallets, lumber, wood scraps and land clearing debris for recycling.